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The CSO Forum for organizations from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi was set up in October 2019. Supported by the European Union, the Forum aims at bringing CSOs from different backgrounds together to support civil society development in Western Georgia. At present, about 16 organizations are organized as Forum members.

The Forum is a place for cooperation. CSOs are encouraged to learn from one another, transferring best practice approaches from one municipality to the other. Therefore, the CSO Forum is a possibility to bring together opinions and proposals for improvement from CSOs differing in size, geographical scope and thematic orientation.

On top of that, a series of trainings is organized within the framework of the project to raise the overall capacity of CSOs. “How to advocate for change on regional and national level?”, “How to reach out to the local population?”, “Why is Social Media important for CSOs?”, are just some questions that will be targeted during the trainings.

The Forum meets every two months in Kutaisi. In between meetings and trainings, the Forum members will put the training inputs to the test and monitor the implementation of the Public Administration Reform in 8 project municipalities, engage with the local population or pilot new and innovative approaches of active citizenship.

This website will be updated regularly. To find out more, please check the other sections and the Forum’s social media accounts.